Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Paintings for Private and Public Places

Happy New Year 2018! I have been working on a commission piece as shown here in it's early stage. A 30” x 40” oil painting of Alaska. This area is the Harding Ice Field Trail leading to Exit Glacier. What is so intriguing about the piece, besides the mesmerizing view, is that the photo (my source with client input) was shot from a drone taking a video. The drone is being controlled by one of the hikers on the path to the left, who are the clients! Familiar with my work and delighted with my progress, they wanted a painterly, expressive rendition of the area that provides a colorful, timeless, and expansive view of what they experienced while hiking there, not just a photo copy, much to my exploratory impulsive delight.
If you have an interest in my work and are considering a commission please contact me for more info youngtimothyw@gmail.com and/or visit my studio, Warsaw, IN.

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