Monday, July 4, 2016

Paintings for Private and Public places

Paintings for private and public places. I am now accepting commissions and site specific projects. Please contact me by email with inquires 
On view view here, 5ft x 6ft oil painting "Symphony of Shadows (The Beach Scene)." For sale.
This painting is a contemporary view done in a painterly manner, exposing the various hues that are in shaded areas of forms and cast shadows. The scene is of my two daughters enjoying a hot sunny mid-day summer at Myrtle Beach State Park, SC.
The objects scattered throughout are all significant to the family grouping of a day at the beach. The girls are both reading books from the Chronicle of Narnia series, the old beach weathered umbrella is borrowed from their grandfather. Flip flops, shovel, bucket, Frisbee, towels, etc., all items hauled down to a beach, becoming for me a visual cornucopia of values and colors in their forms and cast shadows. Even the sand divots, moon and contrail reveal a value and color.

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