Thursday, April 2, 2009

Straight Away

Straight Away
(SCX Slot Cars) oil on canvas, 18 x 24"

OK, again a change in subject matter and rendering, though this is in my direct, brushy, painterly style. This painting developed from the urging of my brother who is the North America Sales/Tech Rep for SCX Slots Cars (a company based in Barcelona, Spain.) Visiting his Tech Workshop one day he gave me a few cars to create a scene of two digital slot cars racing on his track. So I composed this particular scene of a Peugeot 908 Le Mans holding off the Audi R8 digital car coming up from behind. This painting is a first of a series of SCX slot car scenes that I am creating and has stimulated an interest in commisions. (Contact me if interested.)

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Emme said...

Yay, it's finished! Looks great. "Direct, brushy, painterly style"--haha, love it!